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November 7th, 2023

In today’s world, problems related to animal and insect nuisances can be not only bothersome but also harmful to health and the environment. This is where BW Nature Control comes in. From Ottawa to Gatineau, our company offers solutions for all your urban wildlife problems, whether for residential or commercial properties. Our experts are trained to identify, treat, and effectively prevent pests, thereby ensuring the safety of the environment. Without professional intervention, pests can cause property damage, spread diseases, and become a constant threat to the occupants of the home.

A specialized company like ours uses proven techniques and adapted bio-pesticides to solve the problem sustainably while respecting the environment and everyone’s health.


We are aware of the adverse effects that some extermination methods can have on the environment. That’s why we are proud to use bio-pesticides in our extermination processes. These bio-pesticides not only preserve the health of our valued customers but also demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection.

Our services

DIY home extermination methods are often less effective and can even be dangerous if products are misused. Our range of services covers a broad spectrum of wildlife problems. Whether it’s restoring damaged urban wildlife, excluding nuisance animals, or insulation to prevent intrusions, our team of experts is trained to handle each situation with precision and professionalism. Contact us to learn more about all our services.


At BW Nature Control, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our mission. Each member of our team is trained to address your concerns with particular attention. By choosing us, you will benefit from a tailored approach that will meet all your needs. Moreover, we make it a point of honor to ensure the safety of our clients, ensuring that our methods pose no danger to you or your loved ones.

Finally, if one morning you discover your trash cans overturned or your landscaping damaged by unwanted animals, or you suspect bed bugs, don’t worry anymore, BW Nature Control is here for you! Whether you are in Ottawa, Gatineau, or the surrounding areas, and you need help managing an animal intrusion or an insect invasion, we are your ally of choice. Our eco-responsible methods and our dedication to offering exceptional service make us the recommended choice in the region. Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today and find out how BW Nature Control can restore peace and security to your living or working space.


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