Animal control services.Choose from our products available in Ottawa and Gatineau

We have the solution!

We guide you through our variety of products including insecticides and odor eliminators to get rid of critters and insects in Ottawa and Gatineau

We provide insecticides, automatic dispensers and odor eliminators to help you with the practical solutions you need, giving you enough time to contact professionals who can complete the task


Products available:

BVT Products

Automatic Dispensers

Discover our basic series model designed to spray insecticide every 7.5 minutes. We also carry a fully programmable model, which offers variable adjustment (spraying at intervals of 1 to 60 minutes). Finally, we also sell a semi-programmable model with three settings: spraying every 3.5, every 7.5 or every 15 minutes. All of our dispensers are easy to use and can be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf.

BVT Odor Eliminators

Everything you need for effective odor control! These products vaporize in a gentle and dry fashion, providing a world-class fragrance which eliminates foul odors instead of masking them.


We offer three Konk insecticides against flying insects, ideal for controlling flies, midges and mosquitoes. All contain pyrethrin for a quick shock effect. Use them with the BVT dispenser for continuous protection.

CSA Products

Automatic Dispensers

Air Guard is a world leader in CSA automatic dispensers, selling CSA products in more than 35 countries and offering a full range of odor and flying insect control products.

CSA Insecticides

CSA insecticides eliminate and reduce outbreaks of flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. They are ideal for use in dairies, stables, farms, canneries, breweries and in food processing plants when not in use; also, they are effective in restaurants, hotels, motels, schools or any other public place.


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