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We offer residential and commercial wildlife control services in Gatineau and Ottawa

Does this sound familiar? Knocked over garbage cans in front of your house in the morning, damaged landscaping, uninvited critters making themselves at home? If so, we are here to help!

We offer wildlife control services for residential and commercial properties in Gatineau and Ottawa. Our mission is to help you get rid of any insects or animals that come into your home uninvited. Our methods have proven effective over time. With us on your side, you can stop worrying. We’ll put our knowledge and skills to work to ensure your safety and that of those around you. 

Whether you need help with extermination, birds or urban wildlife, exclusion, or isolation, our experts will be able to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs.

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We handle different types of species in Gatineau and Ottawa. Our solutions are adapted to each situation.

Numerous unwanted critters can embed themselves in your environment, whether at work or at home. Rodents, birds, insects and other pests can cause problems and ultimately affect your quality of life. We are your go-to pros when it comes to urban wild animal control in the Outaouais, and we want to help you identify the cause of your problems and offer you the most appropriate solutions.


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Common across Canada, raccoons can invade attics, roofs and chimneys. Their droppings can be infected with roundworms, known under the scientific name of baylisascaris procyonis. It is therefore recommended that all affected areas be cleaned if you have been visited by raccoons. Raccoons have great dexterity: they can tear soffits, shingles, and aluminum.


Known for their foul odor, skunks can invade sheds, terraces and cause damage to garbage cans and landscaping. If a building is sprayed directly by a skunk, the odor can persist for an extended period of time and seep through the ventilation holes, making odor control a necessity. The installation of barriers is essential in order to eliminate their nests


The most common of house invaders, a squirrel will succeed in finding any possible entry point into your house, even the smallest. Decontamination is not always necessary, but it may be necessary to re-insulate a room after the squirrels have been driven out. Squirrels can eat away at aluminum, wood, and other exterior finishes.



The stuff of nightmares, bats invade home attics and contaminate them with their excrement. When bats are suspected, a thorough inspection of your house must be conducted, commonly followed by a full cleaning, decontamination and reinstallation of insulation. Bats are a protected species; therefore they cannot be exterminated. Generally, the little brown bat, as well as the big brown bat are the most common in homes. Homeowners must be very vigilant because bats carry rabies and must therefore be handled by experts.



Birds are beautiful creatures ... but can become unpleasant when they settle too near your house. If this is the case, take advantage of our services in Gatineau, and we will take care of you.


Pigeons are a nuisance because of their sheer numbers and are infamous for the damage they cause with their droppings. Although they’re common birds, a pigeon problem should be dealt with by experts, due to the variety of diseases associated with their excrement. Various methods can be used to discourage them from the habit of flocking to your property: capture, placement of barriers or ultrasonic devices, etc.

Sparrows, starlings, etc.

Starlings, house sparrows and other small birds nest in air vents and sometimes in soffits, causing damage to houses with their droppings. In the worst case, birds may invade a home. Clean the ventilation opening and enclose it with wire mesh to prevent entry and avoid future problems.



Groundhogs are experts at digging holes, and their numbers can multiply quickly if you don't take the necessary steps quickly to deter them. Physical barriers work well to keep them out from under sheds and patios. On a larger scale for bigger properties, the installation of a series of traps can be more effective.



Insects are fascinating creatures, but nobody wants them at home! It is important to intervene at the first sign of an infestation.


Bedbugs have the ability to adapt to many types of environments. They feed on blood and sneak into their hiding places where they raise vast colonies of white larvae. Each case varies and accurate assessment requires an audit of your home or infested environment. In the adult stage, a bed bug can live up to 10 months, or even more if it has access to food.

Carpenter Ants

The most common species of ants, carpenter ants are active day and night, summer and winter. These are large ants that can measure between 6 mm and 25 mm. They dig tunnels but don't digest wood.


There are several types of cockroaches in this region. The most common is the German cockroach. Cockroaches prefer places where there is food, such as in the kitchen and they sneak into damp places (behind the stove, fridge and microwave). There are several solutions to exterminate them such as blocking access to food and adopting good hygiene - common first steps in controlling an infestation.


Fleas are most commonly found in homes with domestic pets. They are also found in places where wildlife resides, such as raccoons, squirrels and skunks. Their bites, generally around the calf and ankle, resemble those inflicted by mosquitoes.

Pharaoh Ants

Present in this region, pharaoh ants are very small, tiny and brown. They are one of the most difficult ant species to control given the large number of reproductive females.


Easy to identify, you can spot wasp nests perched in a tree branch, under a soffit, or on the frame of a house.


Whether you find them cute or repulsive, rodents all have one thing in common: they are undesirable in a house or commercial building. If you’re located in Ottawa or Gatineau, contact us to request our services and we will help you get rid of them.


Mice can invade all parts of a house. Rigorous inspection of the interior and exterior is necessary to determine the extent of treatment required. Decontamination by professionals may also be required to avoid health problems (mice can carry hantavirus).


Rats are among the most difficult varmints to repel. Once a problem has been detected, all specimens must be eliminated and all openings in the building must be blocked. Rats can use ventilation holes or weaknesses in the foundation to enter your home. Rats are even known to get under foundations, penetrating solid cement floors.