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How to safely remove an infiltrated bat from the house?

February 2nd, 2024

If a bat has infiltrated your house, it’s important to safely get it out for you and the animal’s well-being. Here are some steps you can follow:

Stay calm:
Bats are generally not aggressive towards humans. Stay calm to avoid stressing the animal.

Turn off lights:
Bats are attracted to darkness. Turn off indoor lights and open curtains to let in outside light.

Open windows and doors:
Try to create an obvious exit for the bat by opening windows and doors. If possible, create a direct path to the outside.

Step back:
Move away and give the bat space. Being too close may make it feel threatened.

Use a towel or bucket:
If the bat doesn’t find its way out, you can use a towel or bucket to gently catch it. Make sure to wear gloves to avoid direct contact with the animal.

Guide gently:
If you need to guide the bat, do so gently by directing it towards the exit without touching it.

Close access points:
Once the bat is out, inspect the house to identify potential entry points and make sure to close them to prevent it from returning.

It’s important to consult professionals in pest, animals, rodents, or insect management who use animal-friendly methods. At BW Nature, we offer specialized services that consider animal welfare in the Gatineau and Ottawa region.

In conclusion, remember that bats are protected in many areas, so it’s important not to intentionally harm them. If you’re having difficulty getting the bat out or have concerns, it’s wise to contact a wildlife professional or animal rescue organization for assistance. Contact BW Nature Control for all your animal capture needs in the Gatineau or Ottawa region. We have the solution.


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