Birds are beautiful creatures ... but can become unpleasant when they settle too near your house. If this is the case, take advantage of our services in Gatineau, and we will take care of you.

Sparrows, starlings, etc.

Starlings, house sparrows and other small birds nest in air vents and sometimes in soffits, causing damage to houses with their droppings. In the worst case, birds may invade a home. Clean the ventilation opening and enclose it with wire mesh to prevent entry and avoid future problems.


Pigeons are a nuisance because of their sheer numbers and are infamous for the damage they cause with their droppings. Although they’re common birds, a pigeon problem should be dealt with by experts, due to the variety of diseases associated with their excrement. Various methods can be used to discourage them from the habit of flocking to your property: capture, placement of barriers or ultrasonic devices, etc.