Preparations before the cold weather to avoid intrusions


Rats are among the most difficult varmints to repel. Once a problem has been detected, all specimens must be eliminated and all openings in the building must be blocked. Rats can use ventilation holes or weaknesses in the foundation to enter your home. Rats are even known to get under foundations, penetrating solid cement floors.

What are the first signs of mouse problems?


Mice can invade all parts of a house. Rigorous inspection of the interior and exterior is necessary to determine the extent of treatment required. Decontamination by professionals may also be required to avoid health problems (mice can carry hantavirus).


Whether you find them cute or repulsive, rodents all have one thing in common: they are undesirable in a house or commercial building. If you’re located in Ottawa or Gatineau, contact us to request our services and we will help you get rid of them.