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Where are the bugs in winter?

November 15th, 2022

During the warm season, insects are everywhere. Some are appreciated like bees that pollinate flowers, butterflies, ladybugs and sometimes they annoy us, think of the wasps and mosquitoes that torment us for a good part of the summer. However, they invariably disappear in the fall. Where do they go for the winter? The following article will attempt to inform you on the question and will highlight the ways in which insects manage to survive the winter. Indeed, insects have many strategies to brave the cold winter.

Some go on a journey

For example, monarch butterflies leave icy Quebec to spend the winter in sunny Mexico. Indeed, some insects leave our gardens for warmer climates before winter arrives. In addition to butterflies, some grasshoppers and aphids leave for the North and South, depending on the season, as well as several varieties of dragonflies.


Some insects die on the spot when the cold weather arrives. Often, even the eggs they laid do not survive. A new generation will arrive the following year, from mild climates where the insect can overwinter. This behavior is also found in some aphids.

Seeking warmth

Some insects overwinter deep in the soil. This strategy allows them to be protected from cold and frost. In the case of many aquatic insects, some spend the winter at the bottom of their pond, at a depth where the water does not freeze. They live off their reserves until spring when they can replenish their supplies. In other words, they go dormant. Other insects take advantage of the comfort of our homes to survive the winter. In fact, our heated homes are the perfect place to spend a comfortable winter. They move into the spaces under siding or into the cracks in wood to spend the cold season.

Surviving in the cold

Other insects simply survive in the cold. They remain active in winter, often wandering around under the snow. Their system is designed to allow them to tolerate extreme cold. It is as if antifreeze was circulating inside their system.

First and foremost, prevention is key, seal up entry points, be careful to keep food well sealed and garbage away from your home. Also, don’t forget to control the humidity level in your home, this way you will keep the insects out of your home. As winter approaches, if you have bugs that would like to come and live with you, don’t hesitate to call an exterminator. Don’t hesitate to call an exterminator who will be able to advise you on what to do to get rid of these undesirables. He will also be able to go around your home with you to identify the entry points and discourage the insects from settling in your walls.


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