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Why is there an advantage to infestations of ants and earwigs this summer?

August 12th, 2020

If you’re seeing more ants and earwigs this summer than usual, you’re not alone. Would it surprise you to learn that there is actually an up-side to these ant and earwig infestations?

Yes, the fact that there are more ants and earwigs in our area this summer is a sign of several good things and brings a number of benefits to homeowners and their properties.

What exactly are the advantages of having infestations of ants and earwigs on your property this summer? Here’s what the pest specialists at BW Nature have to say about the best things about these bugs!

What good are earwigs?
Earwigs get a bad rap in the bug world due to the incorrect myth that they crawl into the ears of humans. They don’t! In fact, earwigs don’t bite either, and their attempts to pinch our skin are not usually any more effective than being able to hold on to a dangling finger for a few seconds.

One of the most important benefits of having earwigs on your property is that they are a very effective (and low cost) cleaning crew. Earwigs clean up the environment by feeding on dead and decaying plant material and insects.

For those who want to enjoy their gardens and outdoor patios this summer, another benefit of having earwigs around your home is that the dietary choices of earwigs helps to keep away unwanted pests such as insect larvae, slug eggs, aphids and even spiders.

Are there advantages to ants?
Worms usually get the credit for being the critter that keeps our lawns and gardens healthy by tunneling and aerating the ground. Step aside, worms, because ants are actually much more effective at providing voids for better air and water circulation due to the extensive tunnels and nests built under our lawns and gardens. Furthermore, the constant activity of ant colonies results in the redistribution of nutrients as they move soil particles from place to place, keeping the soil healthy.

Similar to earwigs, ants feed on other pests and can help control the population growth of ticks and termites in your yard.

Safer insecticides12
While not all homeowners are thrilled at the idea of having ants and earwigs around their home, especially in years when there are more infestations than usual, we can all take comfort in knowing that these infestations are a sign that our communities are making healthier choices in which chemicals they are using to broadly control pests on their properties.

As regulations change and we become more environmentally conscious, the chemicals we are able to use to control the number of ants and earwigs on residential and commercial properties means that these populations can flourish naturally. When a homeowner does want to take steps to control the infestations, the specialists at BW Nature will choose safe and short-term products that are effective in controlling the pest populations without long-term harm to the environment or the health of the homeowners and their families and guests on the property.

If you want to discuss the options for controlling an ant or earwig infestation on your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at BW Nature. We’re here to help!


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