Which season is more conducive to infestations?

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Which season is more conducive to infestations?

September 1st, 2022

Autumn is slowly setting in and temperatures are starting to drop. This is a good time to see mice, rats and field mice settle in our homes. They too are looking to warm up and they are on the lookout for more temperate places to spend the winter peacefully. As you will have understood, fall is therefore a period conducive to infestations. The following article will try to give you information to prevent your home from turning into a hotel for small critters.

How to detect the presence of vermin

If your home has cracks, you can certainly tell yourself that small animals will try to exploit them. The possibilities of intrusion into your walls, attics, crawl spaces are real. Fortunately, certain measures can be taken to prevent the situation from degenerating. One of the unmistakable signs is undoubtedly the presence of feces. These look like grains of black rice. Look for them near electrical wires, in cupboards, kitchen drawers, pantry, behind appliances, etc. Other important clues are scratch marks. Rats and mice are not part of the rodent family for nothing, they gnaw everything in their path. So pay attention to this type of trace in cupboards, around baseboards, wherever these undesirables might want to nest. You may also be alerted by debris in the house. Rodents tend to make small piles of debris in the corners near the kitchen cabinets, the sideboard or in less frequented areas of the house such as the basement or the attic. Another evidence is found in the noises in the walls. If you hear strange noises, like sorts of scratching or creaking in the partitions, floors or in the ceiling, it is probably intruders circulating and making their way through your walls. The same goes for diffuse and foul odours. Rodent urine and feces can produce this kind of inconvenience.

Why it’s important to get rid of vermin

One of the dangers of the presence of rodents comes with the fact that they have an annoying tendency to nibble on electrical cables, which has the effect of causing short circuits. This could be the cause of a fire. Mice and rats also spread hantavirus, contaminating food sources. The health of your family can therefore be jeopardized by the presence of vermin. Additionally, continual gnawing can damage the structural integrity of your home. It is therefore very important to call on professionals as soon as possible if you notice the presence of undesirables.

If you spot signs of the presence of rodents do not hesitate to take adequate preventive measures and call exterminators. You can then sleep soundly without worrying about having unwanted roommates.


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