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Which Insects are More Likely to Find Refuge in Your Home When the Cold Weather Approaches?

October 12th, 2020

As autumn sets into the National Capital Region and we pull out our sweaters to stay comfortable during the shorter days with cooler temperatures, why is it that we notice more and more bugs invading our indoor spaces?

As it turns out, we’re not the only ones who notice seasonal changes: insects are hard wired to detect the drop in temperature and the longer nights and respond to these fall cues to get ready for the cold winter weather ahead.

These natural instincts of the insect world means that homeowners are more and more likely to see an increase in certain types of insects and critters in their homes as autumn progresses. And the nuisance and grossed-out factor aside, having insects in our homes can negatively affect the structural integrity of the house, contaminate foodstuffs, and spread disease.

The insect and animal control specialists at BW Nature serving Ottawa and Gatineau share their insights about what we need to know about the insects that we are likely to find in our homes during the fall and winter.

Spiders are able to squeeze through incredibly small cracks and crevices to find their way into your homes as the cold weather approaches. Once the harsh winter weather sets in, these unwanted 8 legged guests will make themselves at home and stay inside your warm home with hopes of finding a mate.

House spiders are harmless. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself wiping down cobwebs throughout the winter months, and try to take comfort in the fact that these squatters are helping you by eating some of the other insects who have moved in for the winter months.

Ants continue to have strong appetites during the winter and will find their way into your home in search of water and food, especially sweet items like sugar and syrup. The most common type of ant in our homes in the winter is the concrete ant which nests in the soil under any paved surfaces on your property such as sidewalks, entry ways, patios, and driveways. These ants are experts at finding ways into your home through cracks in foundations, weep holes, drain pipes, and any other tiny crevice. Unlike spiders who are somewhat helpful, having a colony of thousands of ants thriving in your home during the winter is something that you must deal with.

Cockroaches have a reputation of being indestructible and even the deepest winter freeze won’t wipe out a colony. Cockroaches move indoors in search of warmth, water, and their favourite diet of starchy foods, meats, and anything other organic foodstuffs and are capable of squirming through the smallest openings imaginable including seemingly minute gaps in windows and door jams.

If you have cockroaches nesting in your home, usually in the kitchen or bathroom, reach out to professionals right away since the colonies can grow exponentially in a shockingly short period of time.

Did you know that flies hibernate? They do! And their favourite place to settle in for the cold winter months is your home. Many of us are completely unaware that a nest of flies are sleeping in our homes for the winter until they start to awake in the spring and cling to warm, sunny windows. If you do notice any hibernating house flies in your home in the winter, simply vacuum them up.

Lady Bugs
Lady bugs are actually a beetle, the Asian Lady beetle to be exact, and are notorious for showing up in our homes as the weather turns cooler. The yellow, stinky secretions from ladybugs can stain surfaces and even cause some health and allergic reactions so if you see ladybugs in your home in the winter, vacuum them up right away before they can mate.

If you have unwanted insects or critters in your home this winter and want help to get rid of the unwanted guests, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at BW Nature Control serving homes in Ottawa and Gatineau. We’re here to help!


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