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What damage can mice cause?

March 3rd, 2022

No one is immune to having unwanted visitors in their home, such as mice. After all our homes are warm, cozy and full of food, the perfect place for mice. They are known to be a vector of disease in addition to doing a lot of damage where they go. But concretely, what damage can mice cause in your home? The following article will give you information on what to expect if you have unwanted guests in your home.

Disease carriers

As specified from the outset, mice are known to transmit various diseases. They are indeed carriers of several bacteria, viruses and parasites. It is therefore a danger to humans and pets to cohabit with these rodents. They transmit diseases through feces and urine, but transmission can also occur through the respiratory tract if the ambient air is contaminated and the ventilation inadequate. Mice are very fond of your pantry and there is a high risk of consuming food that has come into contact with mouse urine, droppings or saliva. It is therefore particularly important to keep your food in airtight containers. Think for example of bags of flour, sugar or cereals that are sometimes ajar. There are many diseases that can be caught from mice. These include, for example, salmonellosis, leptospirosis or hantavirus. These are diseases that can have very serious consequences on human health. It is therefore not to be taken lightly.

Material deterioration

The teeth of mice are constantly growing. They must therefore gnaw continuously to shorten their teeth. They attack everything, furniture, different insulating materials, electrical cables. In the latter case, they can be the cause of a fire if, for example, they gnaw through a cable and this causes a short circuit in the house. It is therefore your safety and that of your family that is at stake.

Food waste

We mentioned it above, mice are fond of the foodstuffs that are in your cupboards. They risk tasting everything and contaminating many things. All food that comes into contact with a mouse must be thrown away immediately since the risk of contamination is real. Be on the lookout for signs like holes in bags or chewed or scratched boxes.

If you think you live with mice, don’t wait too long to react. Mice reproduce very quickly and a few mice could turn into a serious infestation within a few weeks. Do not hesitate to contact professionals who will be able to apply the right treatment to get rid of rodents in addition to providing you with all the advice you need to prevent mice from returning to your home. You will then be able to sleep soundly without hearing agonizing scratching in your walls.


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