What are the first signs of mouse problems?

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What are the first signs of mouse problems?

May 4th, 2022

Mice can take up residence almost anywhere in your home, from the attic to the basement. Mice build nests wherever they have access to a warm space that they deem safe to store their food and survive during the cold season. There are several signs that can give you a clue and the following blog post will inform you about the different clues to look for if you are trying to determine if you have mice in your home.

Signs of mice in your attic, attic or basement

Mice in the attic or basement will always leave clues of their presence. This can be seen by inspecting the insulation and wood joists, especially near the attic hatch or basement access point where heat loss makes the area more comfortable. Then look for small hallways or paths 1 to 2 inches deep cut into the surface of the insulation, holes 1 inch in diameter where mice can nest, the smell of urine, chew marks in the wood, or more food reserves like nuts and seeds. During the night, pay attention to chewing or scratching noises. Mice make more noise at night which makes their movements and activities easier to hear.

Mice in the walls

Mice are very good climbers. It is very easy for her to travel freely throughout your home. It is more common to hear mice in interior walls that are not insulated and it is often easier to distinguish small sliding and chewing noises. Again the smell of urine can get quite strong, as there is little air circulation in the walls. Mouse urine smells like ammonia and can leak through gaps like outlets, light switches, and window and door frames. This is an important sign that you have mice in the walls.

Sign that it’s time to call the professionals

Some mouse infestations cannot be treated without professional help. It’s time to contact professionals if you can’t find the nest, you don’t know where the mice are entering, there is a large amount of droppings and urine in several places, there are rotting smells that could be associated with dead mice rotting or just when the infestation is too big to handle with hardware store traps. Specialists will most certainly be able to help you locate, eliminate and prevent future infiltration of mice into your home. Do not hesitate to ask them your questions even if you are not sure if you really have mice in your home – they are there to help you! You can then sleep soundly knowing that you are not living with unwanted critters.


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