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How to protect your home from rodent intruders before winter?

November 4th, 2021

It’ s the time for small animals to find shelter in the comfort of your home to spend the winter in warmth. Obviously, this type of cohabitation is not desired. Living with such roommates can quickly become a living hell. In addition to eating our food and leaving excrement, which can be a vector of disease, they damage your residence. How do you protect your home from rodents before winter? That’s what this blog article will try to answer for you.

Detect their presence

First, it is suggested that you do a tour of your house to detect their presence. Rats, mouses, field mouses, and voles are among the most common rodent species in Quebec. As soon as fall arrives, they will try to infiltrate your home. Once they have found refuge in your house, you must not wait to chase them away to limit the damage.


The main reason why you should fight the intrusion of rodents is the danger to human health. Indeed, this type of animal can be a vector of diseases, and therefore a danger that should not be ignored. The main reason that should push you to fight against the intrusion of rodents is the danger to human health. Indeed, this type of animal can be a carrier of diseases, and therefore a danger that should not be neglected. Any contact with the animal or its droppings can expose you to diseases. Think of toxoplasmosis, which is particularly harmful for immunodeficient people and pregnant women since the disease can reach their fetus. Also, leptospirosis. Contracted via rat urine, this disease can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Some mice are carriers of diseases such as hantavirus or meningitis. Rodents can also carry parasites such as fleas or ticks, which can themselves carry Lyme disease.


In addition to the danger of spreading disease to humans, rodents can cause a lot of damage to your home. For example, electrical wires can be eaten away and cause a fire. It is also not uncommon for rodents to attack your food supply. Everywhere they go, they leave urine and excrement.

How to avoid an intrusion?

To fight rodents, caulking is effective. The key is to locate any holes or openings that could allow intruders to get through. Also, don’t hesitate to install weather stripping under windows and doors. Take care to repair leaky pipes, as rat problems often come from the pipes. It is also a good idea to keep your kitchen and pantry clean and to put your food in airtight containers so as not to attract rodents. You can also act outside by clearing any objects or corners that could be used as a nest by rodents.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. They can advise you on the best way to get rid of unwanted pests so that you can enjoy a peaceful winter in your home.



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