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What’s a bed bug heat treatment

June 14th, 2022

Having bedbugs in your home is never a pleasant experience. It is an anxiety-provoking situation and as soon as we realize it, we look for the best solution to get rid of it as quickly as possible. There are several ways to get rid of these undesirables, but some are more ecological than others. Heat treatment of bed bugs, also known as “bed bug heat treatment” is one of the most effective and fast ways to control these insects.

Heat treatment for bed bugs, is it effective?

The thermal units necessary for the heat treatment of bed bugs are very fast and efficient and can treat an entire dwelling, a complete house, a hotel room, businesses, etc. It is a treatment that allows you to get rid of bed bugs the same day. Usually, one treatment is enough since all stages of the bed bug are eliminated in one treatment. This effectiveness is not possible with other types of bed bug treatment.

How is a heat treatment performed?

First of all, it is important to secure the premises, the animals are put in a safe place and the plants are removed. Items that are fragile or could melt (such as candles) are also removed from the premises. During heat treatment, the temperature inside the house is raised with the help of a heater. The temperature rises enough to kill all the bed bugs, their nymphs and their eggs. Technicians will hold the temperature high for a specific time to ensure that all bedbugs are eliminated. The heat will find all bedbugs no matter where they are. During the treatment, the occupants of the house must leave the premises. As soon as the operation is over, people can return home.

The advantages and disadvantages of this type of treatment

There are several advantages to this type of treatment in addition to its speed and effectiveness. Indeed, it also allows to treat clothes, furniture, suitcases all at the same time. It greatly reduces the use of pesticides. The treatment is a little more expensive than a conventional treatment, but it can treat a larger area and is a highly effective treatment. No bedbug, no matter where it hides, can escape the heat treatment. A single treatment is often enough to permanently get rid of bedbugs.

If you think you have bedbugs, do not hesitate to contact a specialist who will be able to direct you to the best solution to get rid of them permanently. You will then be able to rest easy knowing that your place of life is rid of undesirables and that the air in your home will remain healthy for you, your animals and your loved ones.


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