What insect should we watch for in the summer?

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What insect should we watch for in the summer?

August 11th, 2022

Summer is certainly the time of the year that most people prefer. However it also corresponds with the appearance of several insects attracted by the milder temperatures. The presence of many insects in and around your home can spoil your fun. Find out more in the following article, on the most common insect pests to watch out for in the summer.

The ants

No matter where you live, ants will never be far away. They are usually harmless, but they can be very annoying when they come and go in and out of your house all the time. They appear mainly between May and July. Heavy rains often encourage them to nest near dwellings. These insects live in large colonies that can number hundreds or even millions of individuals. They are very skilful at making their way inside houses in order to provide themselves with food. The first thing to do to eradicate the infestation is to eliminate the available food sources (open bag of sugar or flour, badly closed cracker box, etc.). But to overcome an infestation and prevent these insects to return for good, you will probably need to call in professionals who can find the entrances through which they enter your home and make sure that they can no longer gain access.


Mosquitoes often spoil our summer pleasures. These insects usually appear at the beginning of June. Heat induces their proliferation and they are particularly attracted to standing water. This is where they like to lay their eggs. Citronella and other repellents can sometimes be useful, but they are temporary solutions and are not very effective against large quantities of mosquitoes. Shelter under a mosquito net will undoubtedly be the best solution available to you to counter the invader.


If the terrace is pleasant in summer, it sometimes welcomes unpleasant guests. Spiders hide and nest in and around terraces, under tables and in the smallest crevices. They begin to lay their eggs in the spring and are present throughout the summer. They are, however, valuable allies in the fight against other pests, but their webs or too many spiders can definitely take away your desire to laze on the terrace. During heat waves, spiders also take refuge in homes to find fresh air and lower temperatures. You will therefore find them both indoors and outdoors during the summer period.

The wasps

Wasps often make their nest under a roof, at the corner of a staircase or sometimes even in a tree. When the nest is near a house, it is a significant danger, especially for people with allergies. The wasps show up in early March or May, when the queen comes out of hibernation. Colonies mature in June and July. Like many insects, they are attracted to food. So it’s always a good idea to cover your food when eating out.

If you are dealing with an infestation of harmful insects during the summer, contact professionals who can help you eliminate the problem so that you can enjoy the summer with peace of mind.



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