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What happens to the animals captured during removal services?

June 4th, 2021

As Ottawa’s urban wildlife control specialists, we’re often asked about what happens to the critters we remove from attics, garages, crawlspaces, and all manner of spaces where animals just don’t belong. The team here at BW Nature Control pride ourselves in our humane animal extrication and removal practices and are committed to being open and transparent about the level of care with which we treat the animals we capture.


Safety of the homeowner, the animals, and our crews are of utmost importance and our work is proof of our careful consideration. Taking time to choose the most appropriate equipment, traps, cages, products and tools is essential to tailoring an effective and safe wildlife removal process.

Relocation vs. Extermination

BW Nature Control always strives to safely relocate any animals which are removed from a property. There are cases, such as the capture of injured wildlife where relocation is not possible or in the best interest of the animal, but we are dedicated conservationists and always employ every possible method to safely capture, extricate, transport and release the animals into an appropriate and safe natural environment for that particular species.

Protection of species

When homeowners contact us with concerns about unwanted animals on their property, we respond to their request with a solution uniquely adapted to the specific situation. Species protection is of utmost importance and therefore we implore humane and animal-safe techniques when capturing, extricating, and relocating wildlife. The tools and tactics used for mice are very different from those used for larger animals such as raccoons and skunks, for example, and bats are handled differently than birds.


Our teams are highly familiarized with native species in the Ottawa area. We have specialized strategies for safely removing a variety of animals that often infiltrate and settle into unwanted spaces in homes. Common critters include:





Insects (Bedbugs, Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Pharaoh Ants, Wasps)



Rodents (Mice, Rats)


Identifying point of entry

Homeowners sometimes question the effectiveness of relocating animals which are removed from their properties because they are worried that the animal will simply find their way back to the property and move back in again. Our BW Nature Control Specialists make sure that doesn’t happen.


An essential step in our urban wildlife removal process is identifying the exact point of entry that the animal is using to access your property. Whether it’s a joint in the eaves, missing tiles or shingles, an open chimney, or a chewed hole, our animal control experts are able to locate the entry and/or exit points that must be addressed so that the animal cannot re-infiltrate your home.


Some animals can squeeze through incredibly small spaces and it is not always possible for homeowners to identify where or how the animals are getting into their homes. Our animal control specialists are highly trained and know just what to look to find the exact location where critters are entering, moving, nesting, feeding, and voiding. We make sure to fully explain what needs to be done to clean up and close up the area so that the animals won’t be able to return.


Let the experts take care of your unwanted guests!

If you have an animal intruding in your home and are looking for humane removal and relocation services in the Ottawa area, please contact us. We only employ methods that will keep you and your family safe and are equipped to conduct exterminations, rehabilitation of injured urban wildlife, exclusion, isolation and more. Our extensive fieldwork, experience and in-depth knowledge of wild animals equip us with the know-how to choose the right approach.


For urban wildlife control in Ottawa or Gatineau, contact us today. We’re here to help!


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