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Spring is here – how do you get rid of pests?

March 20th, 2023

Spring is the time of year when nature awakens, and gardens begin to bloom. However, with the return of warmer days come pests that can quickly destroy your spaces and plantings. Gardeners and farmers must be prepared to face these natural enemies to protect their crops and guarantee an abundant harvest.

Organic VS organic

There are several methods to get rid of pests. The first is biological control, which involves using predators to control pest populations. For example, chickens can be used to eat slugs and snails that destroy plant leaves and stems. Parasitic wasps and ladybugs can be used to control populations of insect pests such as aphids and garden fleas.

Natural Repellents

Another effective method of getting rid of pests is the use of natural repellents. Essential oils, such as lavender, mint, or citronella oil, can be sprayed on plants to keep unwanted insects at bay. Similarly, wood ash, bone meal, and mustard powders can be used to deter slugs and snails.
It is also important to be careful about the use of pesticides, as they can have negative effects on the environment and human health. It is best to use organic products and to use them judiciously to minimize risks. If the use of pesticides is necessary, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take the necessary precautions to protect health and the environment. The best solution is simply to hire professionals. Our experts at BW nature control will provide you with personalized assistance.

Crop rotation

For example, if you live in the countryside, or have agricultural land, crop rotation is an agricultural method used to eliminate or reduce pests that attack crops. It consists of alternating crops on the same plot of land over a period of several years. By changing crops regularly, insect pests cannot reproduce in large numbers and are therefore better controlled. Also, by having a variety of different plants, insects cannot adapt, and populations will be lower.

In conclusion, the arrival of spring can bring its share of pests for homeowners and farmers. However, there are several effective and sustainable methods to get rid of these pests, including the use of natural predators, the application of organic methods, and crop rotation. By combining these methods with careful management, homeowners and farmers can reduce pest populations and protect their plants in an effective and environmentally friendly manner. It is also suggested that you take preventive measures now to protect your areas. At BW nature control, we want to help you identify the cause of your problems and offer you appropriate solutions, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


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