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Where do insects go in cooler weather?

September 9th, 2021

As the cooler weather approaches, it’s fair to ask where all the insects go. Contrary to popular belief, not all pests are numbed by the drop in temperature or die outright. Winter is, in fact, a good time for home infestations since many insects find refuge in homes during the winter. The following blog post will attempt to shed light on this annoying situation, but fortunately, there are solutions.

Extermination, it’s winter too

Indeed, many insects spend the cold season buried in the ground, protected from the rigors of winter. Others hide under the bark of trees, patiently waiting for warmer days to return. It is also true that some die, simply frozen, but this is not the fate of all insects. Many manage to make their way into the warmth of our homes to find all the food they need until summer.

In fact, bedbugs, flies and ants are used to frequenting our homes in winter. When faced with an infestation, it is important not to sit back and let the situation get out of hand. These bugs are tougher and more resistant than you think.

Preventing insects from entering the house

The first thing you can do to avoid a winter pilgrimage of bugs into your home is to keep them out. Be sure to thoroughly inspect your home for potential entrances. Then seal every opening, even the smallest, to make your home as airtight as possible. Also, avoid leaving food lying around. Be sure to seal your sugar bags or any other food that could attract unwanted visitors. Ideally, store your food in airtight containers and sweep the floors regularly.

Is it too late?

It’s never too late, but if unwanted bugs are already inside your home, there are environmentally friendly products to get rid of them. Even if you can find all kinds of extermination products in supermarkets, they have a limited power and worse, often involve health risks for humans and animals in your home, as they are sometimes composed of chemical agents. In case of infestation, it is better to call professionals who have both the expertise in the type of insect that inhabits your home, but also access to safe products to be rid once and for all of the undesirables.

When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact professionals. They will certainly be able to reassure you, advise you on the procedure to follow and the products to use, or come directly to your home to inspect it and identify the points of entry. Professional exterminators have an eye for this kind of thing because it is their job. This is the best way to ensure that you have a peaceful winter without unwanted roommates.


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