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Remove Unwanted Critters with Rodent Control in Ottawa

Despite best cleaning efforts, many homes and buildings have their fair share of unwanted pests. Rats contribute to allergies, raccoons leave behind their messes, and squirrels potentially damage the structure of your building.

However, you don't have to live alongside these pests any longer. If you need rodent control in Ottawa, contact the team at Nature.

Pests We Remove

Our removal team does more than trap and remove fur-covered pests—we also repair damage and provide animal-proofing techniques to ensure the following animals do not enter your home again.


A squirrel

Squirrels easily find entry points, no matter how small. If left unchecked, squirrels will chew on wiring or dig holes in your sheetrock. As soon as you become aware of squirrels in your home, contact our professionals.



Raccoons are experts at climbing through attics, digging through trash and destroying yards to find food. If they sneak into your attic, raccoons can tear up ductwork, soil your insulation and damage your vents. These masked bandits carry a variety of diseases, so they may threaten your family's health and safety as well.


Rodent control Ottawa

Rats can live just about anywhere, including your attic, garage, basement or crawlspace. They breed quickly, so even a few small rats may quickly turn into an infestation.

If you notice droppings, brown marks along the sides of walls, chewed holes, and scratching noises, don't wait to call for our pest control services. Stopping the problem early can prevent a great deal of damage later on.



Like rats, mice can easily invade your home or commercial building. And like raccoons, these furry invaders carry multiple diseases and viruses, such as the Hantavirus.

To protect against potential health risks, have a professional inspect the inside and outside of your home as soon as you suspect an infestation.

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For effective rodent control in Ottawa, please contact us at 819-243-9849.

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