Nature Sells BVT Products in Ottawa and Gatineau

BVT Automatic Distributors

Our base model is designed to spray the insecticide product every 7.5 minutes. We also offer a fully programmable model, which features variable settings (spray at intervals of 1 to 60 minutes). In addition, we offer a semi-programmable model with three settings: spray every 3.5 minutes, every 7.5 minutes or every 15 minutes. All of our automatic distributors are designed for convenience, and can be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf.

BVT Insecticides
We carry three Konk insecticides for use on flying insects, which are ideal for controlling flies, gnats and mosquitos. All three contain pyrethrin for rapid shock action. Use them with a BVT distributor for continuous protection. Available products:

BVT Odour Eliminators

Everything you need for effective odour control! These products spray a gentle, dry world-class scent that eliminates unpleasant odours instead of simply covering them up. Air Guard scents are reminiscent of wonderful fragrances like cherries jubilee; a clean, freshly powdered baby; the clean scent of freshly washed linens; a mango milkshake; a bright spring morning; or your favourite ice cream. Available fragrances:

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