Skunk Removal in Ottawa

Which animal is black and white and easily recognizable by the foul smell of its spray? This furry black mammal with its iconic white stripes on the back can cause trouble when it is not in its natural habitat. With its years of proven expertise in the field, Nature experts can provide quick and efficient skunk removal in Ottawa and surrounding areas.



Skunks, which are known for their sickening odour, can invade sheds and decks, and cause damage to garbage cans and landscaping features. If a building is sprayed directly by a skunk, the odour can persist for a very long time and enter the building through ventilation openings, necessitating odour control. It is necessary to install barriers in order to eliminate their nests.

Act Quickly

Whether you live in the suburbs or in the city, you may encounter a skunk lurking around your property. This mammal feeds off flowers, insects, mice, eggs and more. Much like raccoons, skunks will be tempted to dig into garbage cans that have not been closed properly to find remnants of food. Prevention is the key; benefit from reliable results by trusting our skunk removal experts in Ottawa.

At Nature, we follow humane and ethical wildlife control procedures. That is why we safely capture and relocate unwanted creatures like skunks to their natural habitat, away from your house.

When you notice a skunk roaming around your home or commercial environment, do not delay and contact us for skunk removal in Ottawa to get rid of this unwanted and smelly pest.

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