Nature Keeps Unwanted Birds Away

Birds are magnificent creatures, as long as they don’t build their nests too close to your home or business. The proper solution depends on the species of bird and the type of infestation. Trust in the experts at Nature in Ottawa and Gatineau to keep unwanted birds away!

Sparrows, Starlings and Others

Two birds in a nest

Starlings, house sparrows and other small birds sometimes build their nests in vents and soffits, and their droppings cause damage inside the buildings. In the worst cases, the birds can even invade the home. The vents must be cleaned and closed with grates in order to prevent future problems.


Group of pigeons eating

Pigeons are a nuisance because of their numbers, and unfortunately, they are famous for the damaged caused by their droppings. Because of the variety of diseases associated with their droppings, a pigeon problem must be treated by experts. There are a number of methods that can be used to discourage pigeons from continuing their unwanted behaviour, including capture, the installation of barriers or ultrasonic devices, etc.

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