Learn How to Prevent Rodents from Infesting Your Home

—Tips to Keep Your House Rodent-Free by Wildlife Control Ottawa

If you have heard a scuttle within your walls late at night, it could be from mice or rats. Once you have seen the gnawed corner of cereal boxes or the telltale droplets of feces, you can be assured there are more than one living with you. If left alone, they can cause severe damage including chewing electrical wires leading to a house fire. On top of all the physical damage they can wreak, mice and rats carry a host of diseases that can worsen allergy and asthma sufferers. You and your family do not have to suffer the effects any longer. There are a variety of ways you can rid your home from these pests, from eliminating their food source to hiring a professional to help.

At Nature Bird and Wildlife Control, we take rodent invasions very seriously. Your home should be a haven even from all forms of wildlife. Use these tips to keep your house free from infestation.

Tips for Rodent Control to Protect Your Ottawa Home and Family
  1. Eliminate a Reason to Invade Your House: Mice are used to living with people. They need very little room and minute amounts of food. Thus, crumbs left on your counter overnight are perfect for these furry creatures. If you have a pet, leaving their food dish out all night invites rats and mice to keep coming back. To eliminate their reason to stay, remember to:
    • Eat only in areas designated for eating such as kitchens and dining rooms.
    • Clean up after every meal and do not leave food or crumbs out overnight.
  2. Barricade Entry Routes: Rodents need access to food and nesting places. When you inspect for areas of entry, you can form a plan to halt further entries. So, find out where they are getting in from and set traps in those general areas. If you struggle to find where they are coming from, consider the assistance from a professional Ottawa exterminator like Nature Bird and Wildlife Control. Here are a few steps you can take to block their entry: 
    • Stuff steel wool in openings around pipes.
    • Replace caulk along basement foundations.
    • Keep your yard and landscape clean and mowed.
    • Store bulk foods in sealed containers.
  3. Get Rid of and Eliminate the Population: Each one of us has our limits on what we can put up with or the steps we feel comfortable taking to stop the invasion. When you reach yours, it is time to hire help. Ask friends for referrals and suggestions. You can also contact the dedicated team at Nature Bird and Wildlife Control Ottawa.

Ottawa’s Professional Exterminators Help Keep Your Home Rodent-Free

Health Canada highly regulates many rodenticides. Licensed exterminators that are well-trained in rodent control understand the government restrictions and potential dangers of using toxic treatments. They can find the place of entry, help eliminate food sources and repair those areas affected by invasive pests.

At Nature Bird and Wildlife Control Ottawa, we have the specialized skills and equipment to get rid of mice and rats as well as other insects, birds and other annoying creatures. We have been serving residential and commercial customers since 1980 and our qualified technicians answer client calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For all your rodent or other wildlife control needs in Ottawa, Gatineau and Outaouais region, rely on Nature. Call our toll-free number 1-877-343-9849 or contact us online.

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