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Avoid Bed Bugs During Your Travel

December 2015

At Nature Bird and Wildlife Control, keeping your home and life free of pest is a priority. This includes when travelling where bed bugs are an increasing concern. Bed bugs are extremely adaptive and can be found anywhere. Adult bed bugs can live for 10 months and can cause severe itching and welt-like bites. What’s more, research suggests they can cause financial distress, anxiety, and social isolation.

Bed bugs are an evolving parasite that once only inhabited bird nests and the roosts of bats. Humans, however, have become ideal host for bed bugs - their nocturnal tendencies mean they feed on you while you’re sleeping at night and then return to hiding. Here are a few tips to help keep your travel and return bed bug free.

Before you leave:

  • No international standards for hotel cleanliness exists – even luxury or five star rated hotels are not immune to bed bugs
  • Bed bugs are less attracted to light colours, so use a light coloured fabric or plastic luggage set when travelling.
  • Pack a flashlight and additional plastic bags.

To check for a bedbug infestation:
  • Leave your luggage outside or in the bathtub until you have done a scan of the room. The bathtub or shower is a place bed bugs in hotels won’t be found.
  • Pull back the linens, and use a flashlight check all the way around and under the mattress and behind the headboard. Look for blood stains or small black dots that look like mold or ground pepper. If you see any suspicious signs, alert the hotel staff immediately.
  • For the duration of your trip, keep your bags on the desktop, on top of the dresser, or on a luggage rack in the room, and don’t leave clothing lying out. Wrap suitcases, cloths, and items not in use in plastic for added precaution.
  • Teach kids this hotel protocol

Once Home - have a post-vacation plan:
  • Immediately wash all of your clothes in hot water above 122 degrees Fahrenheit to kill any bed bugs. If you cannot wash all of your clothes, throw the non-washables in the dyer on the hottest setting for 30 minutes.
  • Once you have finished unpacking your suitcase, vacuum it and dispose of the vacuum bag or canister outside in the garbage.
  • Keep luggage sealed up until you need it next.

Itching or bites alone aren’t enough to confirm an infestation, however, if you experience symptoms, or are concerned about bed bugs call our professionals. At Nature Bird and Wildlife Control, our team of technicians provides quality services, including Bed Bug eradication, for Ottawa residential and commercial clients 24 hours a day. Trust our team of seasoned professionals and call Nature at 819-243-9849 today.
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