Skunk Removal in Ottawa & Gatineau


A sleeping bat

Featured in many people’s nightmares, bats can invade attics and contaminate them with their droppings. An in-depth inspection of the building is often necessary in order to clean, decontaminate and re-install insulation if bats have been present. Bats are a protected species, which means that they cannot be exterminated. The small brown bat and the large brown bat are the species that are most often found in homes. It is important to be extremely vigilant, because bats carry rabies, and they must only be handled by experts.


Two groundhogs

Groundhogs are experts in digging holes, and their numbers can grow quite high if you don’t take the necessary measures to drive them away quickly. Physical barriers can be used to control their presence under sheds and decks. However, in the case of large properties, it may be best to install a number of traps.


A mole

The main indicator of the presence of moles is the appearance of mounds of dirt. Moles feed on worms and they dig constantly, which can cause serious damage to your property. Traps are the only solution, because the use of chemical products to control moles is prohibited.


A skunk

Skunks, which are known for their sickening odour, can invade sheds and decks, and cause damage to garbage cans and landscaping features. If a building is sprayed directly by a skunk, the odour can persist for a very long time and enter the building through ventilation openings, necessitating odour control. It is necessary to install barriers in order to eliminate their nests.


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